My name is Anna, I am married to my best friend Dan, and we live in GEORGIA! That's right.... a state in the deep South that is known for it's hot temperatures, good food, great company, and wide open spaces. 

 We have a very precious chocolate lab named Rileigh. She is hilarious, and well-tempered, and we both don't know what we'd do without the not-so-little pup.

We are both people who believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, and have personal relationships with Him which we carry into every single corner of our life. We are absolutely in love with God, and have been overly blessed by His grace and mercy. His provision, wisdom, and direction has been our rock through the valleys & peaks of the world. 

This blog will be full of random fun, yummy recipes, life's little moments, and a half-marathon here & there, thanks for reading!